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New Moon Restaurant Magazine is focused on informing locals and visitors to Cumbria with up-to-date information on restaurants and food events in the county. We strive in providing only reliable and trustworthy information with extensive research.

By visiting New Moon Restaurant frequently, you can stay up-to-date on all the latest restaurant and food and drink events happening in the county.


Cumbria is a top food destination in the UK and provides cuisine centred restaurants, eateries, and bistros with a dedication towards the tradition of their recipes and meals.

Throughout Cumbria, there are restaurants for any desired meal or cuisine type from countries around the world. The Food Scene in Cumbria has been thriving for years with new top-rated chefs opening establishments around every corner and drawing food lowers from around the UK.

With the beautiful views all across Cumbria and the lake district, it’s the perfect destination to visit restaurants set in locations with scenic views of the lakes and forests.

We provide all the latest news into how the food scene of the county is growing with new restaurants, chefs, menu items and more.

With the forests and scenic locations wine tasting has also become a major tourist activity attracting people from all over the UK.

Menus and Drinks

With various cuisine-based restaurants available throughout the county, menus are varied with both traditional and speciality recipes from renowned and newly founded chefs from around the world. We provide information on all the most popular cuisines found in the county and where to find the most popular restaurants focused on specific menu items.

With the wineries situated all across the county, we provide details on where to attend wine tastings and what to expect from visiting their premises.

With the local wines being popular among tourists and wine connoisseurs; these products are available at most fine dining restaurants in Cumbria. Visit New Moon Restaurant frequently for updated articles.