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The Popularity of Ordering Food Online

The popularity of ordering food online has become a major business in the UK ever since the first lockdown was enforced in 2020 due to the covid pandemic. According to various studies, online ordering and delivery are only getting more popular now as an easier way to get food from your favourite restaurants.

Most restaurants throughout the UK have now taken up online ordering with collection or delivery options available. This is mostly due to the first lockdown which was enforced in March 2020 and resulted in many people opting for online ordering with deliveries and collections with restaurants not being able to host any of their clients.

Overall, the UK has seen a 37% increase in online food ordering from 2019 to 2021 showing significant growth in activity. Many delivery companies have also opened up to provide the public with deliveries from restaurants that do not have online ordering as an option for their customers.

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The delivery companies that started operating during the first and second lockdown has been thriving with adding restaurants to their apps to make it easier for the public to look at the menus and choose the meals they want to be delivered.

In Cumbria, the most well-known local operators include Deliveroo and uber eats. These companies are mostly dedicated to restaurants that do not provide deliveries themselves but are also active with restaurants doing their own online ordering and deliveries.

It is estimated that one out of every 12 consumers ordered online for the first time during the lockdown resulting in a large spike in popularity. More than a quarter of consumers have increased their usage of online ordering and most of them still prefer ordering and reviewing products online.

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Although the online ordering services only saw a spike in popularity due to the lockdown, it’s still thriving and growing with more online ordering activity taking place every month. Some restaurants are now opening up with the service already intact and some only operate as an online ordering platform.